Board Members (in Alphabetical Order)


Mrs. Catherine Miles Grant- Mrs. Grant's professional life has straddled the world of schools (where she has been a classroom teacher, special educator, staff developer, and curriculum coordinator - in British Columbia, Massachusetts, and Vermont) and that of research and development (much of which has been centered on national-level projects to conduct research, develop professional development materials, and conduct outreach activities to further understandings of principals' and district leaders' roles in supporting strong mathematics programs). She is currently a teacher in the Special Services department (and formerly the Foreign Language department) at St Johnsbury Academy in St Johnsbury, Vermont. Catherine also serves as faculty advisor for the Academy's Community Service Resource Center, through which mainly international high school students volunteer with local community organizations. She is also a member of Hanover Friends Meeting, where she serves on the Adult Education Committee. Catherine was raised in various parts of the world (Venezuela, France, Tunisia, Canada, and the US), and continues to relish the opportunity to connect across borders and cultures.

Dr. Emily Hong Yue Guo- Dr. Guo grew up in Beijing, China. She studied Chinese Cultural Studies at both Chinese and American universities. She has lived and worked in America for more than twenty years. Dr. Guo has extensive knowledge and experience in cross-cultural understanding and exchange. She taught Chinese culture, religion, and history at several American colleges. She is the founder and former executive director of Vermont Peace Academy and is currently the director of the Asia-Pacific Institute and Study Abroad Program at Goddard College. In the past five years, she has devoted herself to creating international exchange programs.

Dr. Kenneth Hood- Dr. Hood is an emeritus professor at the University of Vermont with many years of experience working in Asia. He began this work in 1986 when he co-established a program on the study of China. Dr. Hood was instrumental in making Thailand an integral part of the program as well. Dr. Hood has taught in China, Thailand, Japan, Bhutan, and the Caribbean. Dr. Hood has also been a member of several advisory boards. Most recently, he worked as an advisor to an international youth leadership program.

Ms. Reiko Kida- Ms. Kida has taught language skills in various schools and institutions both in Japan and the United States for more than twenty years. As someone who emigrated to the United States, she fervently understood the importance of language communication and cultural study. Her background experience and her interest in helping and supporting newcomers have led her to the international development and humanitarian aid field. She has been a strong advocate and participant of many peace activities and community service programs. She currently works with the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and dedicates herself to working on issues such as world disarmament, racial and economic justice, full rights for women, and an end to all forms of violence through peaceful means

Dr. James Lombardo- Dr. Lombardo is currently the Superintendent of the East Lyme Public Schools in East Lyme, CT. Previously, he served as a superintendent in Pennsylvania for six years and in Vermont for 17 years. He earned his BA from Middlebury College and his Masters and Doctorate from the University of Vermont. Throughout his career, he has actively promoted international education in his schools. In Vermont, his district was an active participant in the University of Vermont Asian Studies Program-- it frequently sponsored visiting scholars from China. In Pennsylvania, his district developed an International Studies program that included courses in social studies, student-exchange with high schools in Bangkok, and the introduction of both Mandarin and Arabic to the curriculum. He has traveled extensively for both professional and personal reasons. Most recently, he made several journeys to China as part of the UVM Sino-American Seminar on Educational Leadership. He has also made educational visits to schools in Cambodia, Singapore, Australia, and British Columbia as a board member with ASCD.

Ms. Kathleen Shepherd- Ms. Shepherd taught youth with learning disabilities for 20 years in several New York City, Vermont, and New Hampshire schools. To advocate peace at the individual, interpersonal, school, community, and international levels, she has taught nuclear age curricula, peer mediation, cooperative learning, conflict management, the peaceful classroom, and compassionate communication. Her commitment to international education as a force for peace made her co-director of nine term-long international exchange programs for Dartmouth College students in southern and eastern Africa. Today, she continues activist work toward peace, justice, and protection of the natural environment. She is the grandmother of three young girls for whom she works to build a more peaceful future.

Mr. Edward Walbridge- Mr. Walbridge is a youth advocate and a community activist. He is the founder of Green Mountain Pioneers, a baseball league that provides encouragement and practice to aspiring Vermont youngsters who want to play baseball. Mr. Walbridge helped with community development in Central Vermont and made significant contributions to several local schools.

Dr. Holden Waterman- Dr. Waterman began his career as an instrumental music teacher. He quickly moved into education administration and has served as a principal, director of student-personnel services, and superintendent of schools in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Vermont. He has also served as an education consultant for the Connecticut State Department of Education. Currently he is Director of the Asian Studies Outreach Program (ASOP) at the University of Vermont.