UNInternational Day of Peace



September 12, 2012 – September 23, 2012
Co-sponsored by Children of the Earth and Vermont Peace Academy
Updated on June 1, 2012


Building A Culture of Peace Youth Leadership Institute (the Institute) is an on-going long term project that offers opportunities for American and Chinese youth to learn leadership skills and knowledge necessary for participating in the movement of building a culture of peace worldwide now and in the future.  

The Institute is co-sponsored by Children of the Earth and Vermont Peace Academy.  Children of the Earth is a well established, UN recognized NGO.  Dedicated to the building of a better future, Children of the Earth deliver programs which provide young people with the empowerment and leadership skills necessary to advance peace in the world today and in the future. Children of the Earth fosters international networks of cooperation, multicultural understanding, spiritual values, and ethical living skills.  Vermont Peace Academy (VPA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the teaching, learning and practice of peace. Established in 2003, VPA contributes to the global movement of creating a culture of peace through an array of programs including conferences and workshops, educational programs in primary and secondary schools, and professional trainings. Its curriculum is focused on Nonviolent Communication, Diversity, Cross-cultural Understanding, and Leadership.  In 2010, the Vermont Peace Academy expanded its peace education into the international community. Working with schools and organizations of different countries, VPA dedicates itself to creating opportunities for American youth and youth of other countries to actively work together to pursue peaceful solutions to current social problems and issues. Children of the Earth and Vermont Peace Academy aim to develop an effective and replicable model for training international youth peace leaders.

The project starts with a two-week program through which the youth of the two countries to learn together, to share experience and perspectives, and to form action plans to be implemented in their own countries.  Topics of the training covers leadership skills such as “Reflection,” “Connection,” and “Action.” Sample topics include, but are not limited to, “Becoming a Global Citizen,” “Listening to Understand,” and “Leadership as Service for the Greater Good,” etc.   At the end of the two week’s learning, participants will have a chance to visit United Nations and celebrate the International Day of Peace with other international youth leaders from the countries throughout the world.  After the two-week program, participants will regularly to share the project implementation progress with their project partners in counterpart country through internet. They will have a chance to make a project presentation via international tele-conference in the late summer 2013.


Week One Morning Afternoon
Wednesday, September 12   Arrival in Burlington, VT
Thursday, September 13 Opening Remarks, Program Introduction.   Ice-breakers, games to introduce yourself.
Workshop: “Spiritual Activism and Creating a Culture of Peace Movement.”
Workshop: “Becoming a Global Citizen.”   World-café style activity
Group discussion with American participants.
Friday, September 14 Guided visualization:  reflection on making changes.  Or mindful walk
Workshop: “Ho’oponopono”
Visit Downtown Burlington, Waterfront, and the Burlington Peace Center.
Saturday, September 15 Workshop: “Connecting and Communicating: 1) Listening to Understand, 2) Nonviolent Communication, and 3) Dealing with Conflict.” Group Activities: “Games to help build effective connections” with American youth leaders.
Sunday, September 16 Visit Shelburne Farms Visit University Mall in Burlington
Monday, September 17 Workshop: “Leadership as Service for the Greater Good.” Visit Montpelier and State House, Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe and Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Factory
Tuesday, September 18 Workshop: “Open SPACE -- Identify Group Projects.” Group Project:  Organize a BBQ party on the North Beach for friends.
Wednesday, September 19 Workshop: “Storming, Forming, Norming and Performing: Identify Needs, Timelines and Products of Group Projects.” Workshop:  “Tools that help with Project Building.”
Thursday, September 20 Workshop:  “Tools that help with Project Building.” Closing Ceremony
Leaving for NYC in the night
Friday, September, 21 Participating in United Nations International Day of Peace Celebration Meeting with the representatives of Chinese UN delegation.
Check into a youth hostel
Preparation for the presentation
Saturday, September 22 Presentation at the Central Park Say goodbye to VT youth leaders and tour NYC
Sunday, September 23 Leave for China  

Click here to download a PDF of the UN Programme for IDP