Vermont Peace Academy was initiated in 2002 by a group of educators and community members who came together to explore how education might contribute to creating a culture of peace. We were inspired by a proposal made in the U.S. House of Representatives for a cabinet level Department of Peace and for a National Peace Academy.

Since it was established, Vermont Peace Academy has provided a number of services in Peace Education and Community Development. Accomplishments include:

  • Endorsement of the International Day of Peace by the Vermont Legislature
  • Celebration of the International Peace Day 2003 by Vermont students at the United Nations
  • Coordination of two teleconferences between Vermont students and United Nations programs on Peace Education
  • Convening of the 2004 Vermont Youth Peace Summit
  • Development of a variety of training programs on peace building skills, including "Speaking Peace" and "Youth Leadership Training"
  • Collaboration between Vermont Peace Academy and Vermont Principals' Association.
  • Four Statewide Conferences on "Students in Action: Improving the Culture and Climate of Schools for All Students" that have reached forty-eight schools and four hundred twenty students and teachers.