Pledge for a Culture of Peace

Thursday, October 11, 2012

We invite you to join other peace-builders around the world who have signed the UNESCO Manifesto for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence, initiated by a group of Nobel Laureates. This is a very real way to build the recognition that we are all part of a growing body of individuals heading for the “tipping point” that will shift the tide of civilization. Keeping a copy of the pledge on your desk or wall can serve as a reminder of the global community we are seeking to establish.

Because this transformation demands the participation of each and every one of us, and must offer young people and future generations the values that can inspire them to shape a world based on justice, solidarity, liberty, dignity, harmony and prosperity for all.

Because I am aware of my share of responsibility for the future of humanity, in particular to the children of today and tomorrow, I pledge in my daily life, in my family, my work, my community, my country and my region, to:

Respect All Life
Respect the life and dignity of each human being without discrimination or prejudice;

Reject Violence
Practice active non-violence rejecting violence in all its forms: physical, sexual, psychological, economical and social, in particular towards the most deprived and vulnerable such as children and adolescents;

Share with Others
Share my time and material resources in a spirit of generosity to put an end to exclusion, injustice and political and economic oppression;

Listen to Understand
Defend freedom of expression and cultural diversity, giving preference always to dialogue and listening without engaging in fanaticism, defamation and the rejection of others;

Preserve the Planet
Promote consumer behavior that is responsible and development practices that respect all forms of life and preserve the balance of nature on the planet;

Rediscover Solidarity
Contribute to the development of my community, with the full participation of women and respect for democratic principles, in order to create together new forms of solidarity.

By signing this Pledge for a Culture of Peace, I will stay active and engaged in creating positive change in my community, both local and global.

Click here to download a PDF of the Pledge for Peace that you can add your signature to.