The Center for Respectful Schools and Communities

The Center for Respectful Schools and Communities

The Center for Respectful Schools and Communities (the Center) delivers high quality peace building experiences, provides an extraordinary support system for peace builders, operates with excellence, takes risks to build peace, enhances our brand name, and increases the value of peace.

Center’s Values and Believes

We advocate for diversity and Inclusion by promoting women, people with handicaps and minorities including lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people being brought into leadership roles; serving diverse economic, social and cultural communities in Vermont, regionally and globally; and including people from other countries as equals in pursuing peace through dialogue.

We strive to have a diverse group of trainers whose rich experiences creating positive relationships can promote peaceful attitudes and behaviors.

We will work to attract and keep engaged with the Vermont Peace Academy people with new thinking on ways the Vermont Peace Academy can enhance its brand and meet mission.

We will provide the added value of including those voluntarily giving of their talent and time to VPA or other peace efforts the gift of free or reduced costs so they can participate in events sponsored by the Vermont Peace Academy.

We will public announce our board meeting so any citizen desiring to attend will be welcome. We will provide board training on ways the board can promote peace.

The Center’s Programs

The Center works in schools to build a congenial and caring learning community. Its programs are developed on the theory and practice of Bohm Dialogue - a school of peaceful community development skills. Bohm Dialogue, established by David Bohm, is a freely-flowing group conversation process that makes an attempt to effectively investigate the crises that face society, communities and organizations by utilizing a theoretical understanding of the way thoughts related to universal reality. In the group conversation the participants open up their minds, examine and empty their own preconceptions and prejudices, as well as reach a new perspective, a new understanding and a new way of thinking of the world. 

The Center provides a variety of workshops and trainings for 3rd-12th grade students, teachers, administrators and parents on communication and interpersonal skills. They include:

  • Facilitate community dialogue groups
  • Mediate conflict
  • Build collaborative capacity
  • Train facilitators and Mediators