Chinese History and Culture Study Tour

July 14, 2013 – July 29, 2013

The intellectual property crisis, the environmental pollution, the one-party bureaucratic system……how much negative comments have you heard about China? The fast stable economic development out of the globle financial crisis, the second economic body around the world, the world factory…… how much positive contribution has China made for the global economy? A red aggressive China or a green frienly China? The biggest developing country or the youngest developed country? Do these questions puzzle you frequently?

To understand China, you have to understand its culture.
To understand the Chinese culture, you have to learn its religions and belief.
To judge the Chinese behaviors, you have to learn its history.

So join this program to discover China, to find out the cultural reason for its fast economic development and increasing social problems.

Program Structure

1. Academic study

  • Instructed in English by full-time professors from Chongqing University (one of the key universities affiliated to the Ministry of Education, ranked 32).
  • 5 half-day course study, 15 hours.
  • highlighted topics, please find the topic list in the itinerary. (topics could be tailor-made)
  • party with Chinese students from Chongqing University.
  • study completion certificate issued by Chongqing University.

2. Cultural heritage tour

  • Beijing: the capital city of China during the past 800 years, political and cultural center, visit the forbidden city, great wall, temple of heaven (the world cultural heritages listed by UNESCO), learning the royal culture.
  • Xi’an: the capital city for Qin, Han, Sui, Tang dynasty, Terra-cotta warriors is titled one of the seven miracles around the world, the old city wall witnessed the prosperity of ancient China, the military mutiny occurred in Huaqing hot spring changed the history of the anti-Janpanese war.
  • Chengdu: captial city of Shu State in warring-states period, the Dujiangyan irrigation project has been in use for over 2300 years, which is also on the cultural heritage list of UNESCO, visit giant panda center to close touch the cuddly animal.
  • Chongqing: the capital city in World War II, the youngest municipality in China, three gorges dam project, the biggest IT industry center in Asia, hot pot dinner, mountain city, river city, an amazing destination for travelling.
  • Shanghai: the most developed and globalized city in mainland China, modern and traditional, you will find the fashional architecture design as well as the folk handcrafts.

3. On-site survey

  • Visit American company in China, conversation with company officials to learn how to do business in China and the perspective of investment in China.
  • Visit local family, walk around in the unique courtyard house, talk to the residents to experience their daily life.
  • Visit local Chinese factory and folk handcrafts workshop to learn the manufacture procedure.

Program fee:  $2960 per person
Covers: tuition, completion certificate, 3-star or 4-star hotel, meals, domestic transportation, entrance ticket for travel, tour guide, insurance.
Does not Cover: International airfare, visa application fee, international travel insurance, transportation to and from airport in the U.S. and personal expenses.

Program size: minimum of 15 students for one group, plus one group leader who is free of charge.


  1. Deadline: April 15, 2013
  2. Contact: Dr. Emily Guo
    Office: 802 540 0305
    Cell: 802 355 6306
  3. Email:
  4. Mailing address: 70 Farrington Parkway, Burlington, VT 05408


Day 1 Arrive in Beijing, check in. (D)

Day 2 City tour, visiting the Tian`anmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, sightseeing the ancient Chinese royal heritage, taste Chinese dumpling for dinner. (BLD)

Day 3 Sightseeing the Great Wall, Ming Tomb (tombs for the emperors in Ming Dynasty), visit local family and walk around in the unique courtyard house, taste Beijing roast duck for dinner. (BLD)

Day 4 Free time on Dazhalan shopping street in the morning, stop in those hundred-year old shops, bargin with local venders for traditional folk handcrafts, fly to Xi’an in the afternoon. (BLD)

Day 5 Visiting the Terra-Cotta Warriors (cultural heritage listed by UNESCO, it is the tomb for Qin Shihuang, the first emperor in China), visting Huaqing hot spring to learn the history of Tang Dynasty and the military mutiny in Anti-Japanese War, sightseeing the old city wall, taste Mongolia hot pot for dinner. (BLD)

Day 6 Fly to Chengdu in the morning, Visiting the Dujiangyan Ancient Irrigation Project (cultural heritage listed by UNESCO) and Wuhou Temple to learn the history of Warring-States period, watching Sichuan Opera on night. (BLD)

Day 7 Visiting the Panda Breeding Center, cuddle the baby panda (optional), train to Chongqing in the afternoon. (BLD)

Day 8 08:45-09:00, welcome ceremony, greeted by the Dean of College of International Education and Exchange, Chongqing University;09:00-12:00, morning lecture, topic on Chinese History; campus tour in the afternoon, and visit the old town to learn the folk handcrafts, food, architecture and to taste Chinese tea; party with Chinese puddies on night. (BLD)

Day 9 09:00-12:00, morning lecture, topic on Chinese Economy, visiting an American company in the afternoon, conversation wih company officials. Taking the longgest escalator in Asia to learn the transportation specialty in this mountain city. (BLD)

Day 10 09:00-12:00, morning lecture, topic on Cultural Revolution, city tour in the afternoon, visiting the Huguang Mansion to learn the immigration history of ancient Chongqing, stop by Caotianmen Square where is the confluence of the Yangtze River and Jialing River, visiting the Chongqing Planning Museum, taking the cable car to cross the Yangtze River to experience the transportation specialty in this river city, taste Hot Pot for dinner. Sightseeing the night scenery of Chongqing on Nanshan Mountain. (BLD)

Day 11 09:00-12:00, morning lecture, topic on Three Gorges Dam Project, city tour in the afternoon, visiting the Three Gorges Museum, Renmin Square and the City Congress Hall, sightseeing the Hongyadong folk cultural architecture, free time in Jiefangbei shopping Center. (BLD)

Day 12 09:00-12:00, morning lecture, topic on Chinese Religions and Philosophies, city tour in the afternoon, visiting the Stilwell Museum, learning the Chongqing history in World War II, bus drive up to Eling Park on the mountain peak to have a bird’s view of the city, discover an anti-bombing shelter in WWII. (BLD)

Day 13 Fly to Shanghai in the morning, city tour in the afternoon to sightsee the most developed city in mainland China, take elevator up to the top of East Pearl Tower to bird’s view the city, walk around in Yuyuan Garden to experience the ancient Chinese garden culture, free time at bund to view the night scenery.  (BLD)

Day 14 Visit Shanghai Museum in the morning, in the afternoon visit the local handcraft museum to watch the paper-cutting, embroider, etc., stop in a silk workshop to learn the producing procedure.

Day 15 fly to USA(B)